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Ch!cken book

The CHICken book was designed with the highest quality in mind.
Every image is paired with an inspiring phrase that pays tribute to beauty.

Hard Cover

The hard cover is 2.4 mm - 1 in thick and is made of Curious Matter Black Truffle paper that weighs 125g. The high quality paper has a silky texture similar to fine sand and is very pleasant to the touch. The beautiful plumage of a feather is embossed on the cover and the title is printed in silver hot foil.

Chic!ken Book Photographers

Print (and deep black)

Thanks to the offset print technique used you’ll be able to have high quality photos that are clear and precise, not dot-based like digital printing.
The black pages and the dark background allow the subject to emerge like models on the runway. Each quote is printed in fine silver Pantone.

Chic!ken Book Photographers


When we spoke with our supplier about the variety of binding selections, we opted for a quality flat-opening sewn binding to emphasize the high definition photographs.
This special binding makes possible to lay the book flat when it is opened, flush with the surface it is on, creating a pleasant coffee table book appearance.

Chic!ken Book Binding

Environmentally Safe & Friendly

We chose certified paper, produced exclusively with cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests. Our suppliers guarantee the usage of 100% FSC® wood.

The book will be printed, bound and packaged here in Italy for optimum quality and constant control of the final product. One of the many reasons we chose an Italian supplier, rather than a cheaper one abroad, was the ability to verify the quality of the product itself.

Chic!ken Book Photographers

Tech Specs

  • Portrait Format - Dimension 300x270 mm - 11.9x10.7"
  • 190 pages
  • 85 high res photo
  • 3 gatefold spreads
  • Hard cover + foil stamping & embossing
  • Flat-opening sewn binding
Chic!ken Book Photographers

"True beauty lies in purity of the heart"

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