The Chicken Collection is available now on Indiegogo. Grab your book now, available from €47.

Ch!cken book

Limited Edition Photographic Prints

You won’t believe your eyes. After receiving this print you’ll never look at a chickens the same way again! (we promise) These are signed and numbered limited edition photographic prints!

  • Large High Quality Photographic PRINT [800X800 mm - 31.7x31.7”] — Each copy is signed and numbered! [50 copies available for each of the 4 preselected prints]
  • Small High Quality Photographic PRINT [240x240 mm - 9.5x9.5”] — Each copy is signed and numbered! [100 copies available for each of the 3 preselected prints]

Starting from € 109

Chick Click Posters

Our models like any others have bad hair days, love to wear black and even sweat glitter. We also have some retired show birds that are glamorous even with wrinkles and grey hair.

  • 7 chick funny quote posters available
  • Dimensions 500x700 mm - 19.8x27.7”
  • Each poster will be shipped in a cardboard tube, it will be individually rolled and delivered anywhere in the world.

Hanging on your wall for € 22

Sexy Calendar

The calendar is made of 12 sexy shots of the most exemplary hens & roosters that Matteo and Moreno discovered during their photoshoots. Every month features a rooster or a chick from around the world that were photographed wearing their feathers only.

  • 1 calendar, 12 months - format 210x420 mm / 8.3x16.6"
  • 1 cover page
  • 13 different sexy shots

get it for € 10

Collectable Journals

These journals feature a few of our top models on their recent cover shoots.
Use it as a notebook, they have blank pages inside.

  • 2 Men’s Journals
  • 2 Woman’s Journals
  • Dimensions 277x190 mm
  • Prints will be randomly chosen from our team

Yours for only € 10

Model Composites

  • 8 Composites in postcard format 100x160 mm printed on a thick card stock
  • 8 Different chicks
  • Bound by branded ribbon.

Only € 10 the pack

Everything has beauty,
but not everyone sees it.



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